What is Yoga? Videos about Yoga Asanas

Namaste dear friends… We are happy to come forward with the yoga videos.. with complete description…in various levels…the main purpose to do these videos is…now a days people are busy…they are not able to go ashrams or fitness centers…especially the working people and house wives…this cd will help them in right way…since from beginning to the advance level…to practice at their own place…just with a TV…in every class…all the yoga practitioners…all the remaining masters…whoever participated with me in this yoga videos…will show you the different levels of each posture… if you are quite beginner…the first quite new to yoga you can start..you can watch the one who is showing beginner…if you are already a yoga practitioner you can follow the multilevel practitioners…so, each class will help you from quite beginning…to multilevel, day by day you can improve your  practice…you can follow the video to improve your  practice…to enrich urself…so, we want to give you the complete under standing of yogaand before going to practice yoga..we have to understand what is yoga… Yoga means..union or reconnection or we can say join…what’s reconnection  ?…what’s join   ?…or what’s union  ?…so , basically the reconnection or the union of breath and mind…so, when the breath and mind are together, means when you focus your  mind on the breath…slowly the inner psychic energy will be activated…the energy which is untapped in the lower spine…will be tapped.. will be activated and while you are practicing postures… The postures will help you to circulate this energy to all the parts of your  body.. so, during the postures your  attention must be with your  breath…normal breath and you should not hold the breath during the postures…unless there is prior notice of the master…just let the breath be normal…and always inhale with nose and exhale with nose in the practice of yoga…in some cases if you are exhausted or if you feel tired, then you can do exhale with your  mouth…but usually you have to do the breathing with your  nose only… photo_1 Whenever you going to practice yoga make sure that your stomach is empty…you must allow 2 hours minimum after a large meal and at least 1 hour after snacks or small breakfast…always practice yoga in an opened, good ventilated place…no air condition,, no closed room…you can practice at home…but open all the windows and practice in good lighting and good wind flow…normal wind flow…and every one must prepare themselves before going to start practicing yoga…because preparation is the most important thing to practice yoga…so, start your yoga always from a relaxed position…relax your  body and mind.. bring your whole attention to your  practice…then start the practice…always use proper clothes like free and comfortable…everyone must practice yoga every day… now in this series.. we brought up few classes like Hatha yoga, Satyananda yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Therapeutic yoga, Moon series, Dynamic yoga and Meditation Every practitioner have to understand one thing that yoga is unique…now a days people are thinking that there are several kinds of yogas…in fact there are no several kinds of yogas…yoga is unique, there is only one yoga… but due to depending on the flow..and the sequence…because we cannot teach all the yoga in 1 hour…so, we selected few posyres and made it a sequence..how ever for any product we have to give a name.. so, to every flow… to every sequense we gave a different name depending on he style and depending on the level…so, that’s why  we have different classes…but not different yogas… so, yoga is unique…” Yogaha Chittavritthi Nirodhaha” That is the definition of yoga,…yoga means…resisting the routine wanderings of the mind…so, the whole purpose of yoga is resisting the thoughts…resisting the routine wanderings…routine wavering of our mind,…that is the final purpose of the yoga…yoga means.. making the mind calm…still and empty.

There are some kinds of Yoga as listed below (click to see):

1. Hatha Yoga

2. Satyananda

3. Ashtanga

4. Vinyasa Yoga

5. Yoga Therapy

6. Dynamic Yoga

7. Moon Series


TIPS TO PRACTICE YOGA : Always practice gentle and relaxed way.. we no need to competite with others.. because every bodies body is different… and  the body’s nature is different and the body’s language is different… so, you follow your  body language do not try to imitate others.. you follow the body language of your own body… not others bodies… during the postures ‘sthiram sukhamasanam’ … during the postures you should be comfortable… never force too much force urself… just do practice as much as you can… usually in this classes.. you will hear the count never mind it…if you cannot stay much longer drop before.. if you can stay more than that… stay more than that… it’s just for the time factor… so follow the language of your  body… 14 And the postures like head stand and shoulder stand, the advanced postures you can practice with the support of a wall.. always whenever you practice advanced postures take more precautions and take the support of wall or a friend or a master… let the stomach be empty before going to practice yoga and before practicing yoga drink some water… mean while you can drink water… And after the practice of yoga you can take shower after 10mins… with light warm water…depending on how much sweat you lost… you can chose the warm… warm water is always better after the practice of yoga… drinking water is most important thing… everyone have to drink plenty of water in the whole day… because ¾ th of our body is water.. so, it needs more water… and during the practice may be you will sweat more… it may leads you into dehydration if you don’t take plenty of water… only water… cool drinks or fruit juices cannot replace water… so h2o os h2o..water is water.. so, drink plenty of water… so drink plenty of water… I am wishing you all a peaceful and better practice at home…thank you so much… drink more water…drink more water…eat more fruits and vegetables…practice yoga daily… meditation daily…thank you…thank you… thank you… keep smile always…

Namaste dear friends…masters… yogis and yoga practitioners…

My name is Ram, I am practicing yoga since my school age… and I started meditation in the year 1997… with my beloved master Brahmarshi Patriji.. who is the founder of pyramid spiritual societies movement worldwide.. he changed my life and he gave me the complete understanding of yoga with meditation… since then I dedicated my life to spread meditation and yoga as well.. Around 2 and a half years ago… my master ordered me to go Vietnam… to teach meditation to all and as a part of spreading meditation in Vietnam… I started teaching yoga also… so, I am requesting all the people in Vietnam and all over the world… practice yoga and meditation regularly to be healthy… to be happy and to lead your life in right way… Thank you so much… and I am ever thankful to my beloved master… Brahmarshi Patriji who visited Vietnam already two times and he will visit even in future also..  so, I am thankful to my master and I am thankful to all Vietnam people and I am thankful to all the people all over the world… all the masters all over the world…and I am thankful to the team, to the organization who are spreading… who are releasing and publishing this cds to spread yoga and meditation to all.. all over the Vietnam and all over the world.. so I am thankful to all the masters and students who helped in this project to make it successful and efficient.. thank you one and all.. xin cam on… Particularly I am very very very thankful to Ms Thang who is helping… Thanh… Particularly I am very very thankful to Ms Thang who came forward… and who shown interest to spread this message to all in Vietnam.. I am sincerely thankful to her dedication and her whole heartedness for her support and cooperation in publishing these videos… Thank you Ms Thang


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Áo Quần do TT YOGA TẠI NHÀ phân phối:

  • Vải cao cấp đã xử lý wash, mềm mịn, không ra màu (giặt máy giặt bình thường).
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  • In hình ảnh, chữ theo yêu cầu của bạn (nếu có). 

Quyền lợi của bạn khi mua Bộ Đồ Tập Yoga tại TT Yoga Tại Nhà:

  1. Bảo hành 1 tháng, đổi trả trong vòng 10 ngày.
  2. Giao hàng tận nơi, thanh toán khi nhận hàng.
  3. Tư vấn và thiết kế miễn phí nếu khách hàng muốn in thông điệp trên áo.
  4. Giảm giá khi mua số lượng lớn.