What is Hatha Yoga? Videos about Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga in this word Hatha…’Ha’ represents solar energy and ‘tha’ represents lunar energy…means sun energy, moon energy.. human body is a combination of solar and lunar energies…solar energy is the life of human beings and lunar energy is the emotions, feelings and the feel in life is lunar energy…. so, right side part of the body usually says solar energy and left side part usually says lunar energy..or moon energy...   The purpose of this yoga is balancing this two energies in the whole body…in the whole system…by balancing these energies in the system… we can lead a balanced life…we can lead a happy and healthy life…we have one more meaning like hatha means holding.. holding some thing…means holding breath in or out…holding the posture as long as you can…we have to focus on this two things…never force yourself while you are staying in ant posture… stay as long as you can and as long as you feel comfortable and at the same time try as long as you can…here condition means.. you should not hurt yourself… but you should keep patience as long as you can…and your  whole mind should be focused on the particular part where you are feeling stretch or pain and if there is no such thing…your attention must be with your  breath… let the breath be as usual..whether it is fast…slow..or medium whatever…it doesn’t matter.. let it be as usual and let your  attention be with the breath… that is most important thing… hathayoga If you are not aware of your  breath and you are doing postures…we cannot say it is yoga…it is just an exercise…yoga is not exercise.. yoga is an ancient art of India to cultivate human life…to cultivate the life means to cultivate health, happiness, peace of mind and spiritual wisdom and finally enlightenment or Samadhi….so, hatha yoga…in this.. the postures which we have selected ..particularly in this class gives you more benefits to your  thighs, hamstrings and makes your  spine strengthen and it helps you to open your  hip…stretches your  hip join…in any series almost you will get all most all the benefits… Depending on the flow in some series.. in some sequences…you will get more effect on particular parts…so, practice yoga every day is a must…you can take any class on any day…because in every class we have all the levels…and you can practice usually the right time is morning 5am to 9am and evening 4pm to 9pm… that is the right time for practicing yoga…for practicing meditation any time is okay…but to practice the postures this time is the best time..and the stomach should be empty…atmosphere should be clean and peaceful and well ventilated…


Chuyên cung cấp Bộ Quần Áo tập Yoga

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Áo Quần do TT YOGA TẠI NHÀ phân phối:

  • Vải cao cấp đã xử lý wash, mềm mịn, không ra màu (giặt máy giặt bình thường).
  • 100% cotton, không xù lông.
  • Mặc thoải mái, thấm hút mồ hôi tốt, co giãn 2, 4 chiều.
  • Quần vải dầy, ôm nhẹ, phù hợp cho mọi tư thế Yoga.
  • In hình ảnh, chữ theo yêu cầu của bạn (nếu có). 

Quyền lợi của bạn khi mua Bộ Đồ Tập Yoga tại TT Yoga Tại Nhà:

  1. Bảo hành 1 tháng, đổi trả trong vòng 10 ngày.
  2. Giao hàng tận nơi, thanh toán khi nhận hàng.
  3. Tư vấn và thiết kế miễn phí nếu khách hàng muốn in thông điệp trên áo.
  4. Giảm giá khi mua số lượng lớn.